Musician - Producer - Songwriter - DJ



Kevin Parker who? Sam Robins is the ultimate multitasker. 


20 year old Sam Robins produces, writes, records on every instrument, mixes, masters and directs all visuals for both his solo project and his band “Rainy Daze”. He organises festivals, DJ’s and interns at Universal Music all whilst studying for a mathematics degree at the University of Manchester.


Since embarking on his music career his talent has not gone unnoticed. Robins has worked with Guy Chambers on an adaptation of an upcoming Black Mirror episode for Lily Allen and had a top 10 song in the Young Songwriter Competition 2019. 

Robins’ dominion of the Manchester music scene begins with shows in intimate venues throughout the city and ends in the early hours of the morning in a disco-filled Fallowfield basement. Recently, his music has been featured on StereoFox, We Plug Good Music and Kane FM. Robins’ EP “Turquoise” is about to touch down on all music platforms - a release that is highly anticipated in Manchester, particularly in and around the student scene.

Catch him here before it’s too late. 


“Turquoise” Out (17.07.2020)

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